A guide for using social media in internal communication

The use of social media in employee communication continues being a hot subject, and is still a mystery to many. Download Open's publication on the subject, and maybe you will fetch a couple of tricks.

By: Cristina Gavrila, Communication Specialist (2 February 2017)

Social media is currently at the top of many internal communicators to-do lists, and it is the hot subject on various blogs and discussion forum for internal communication. But why should companies invest in internal social media? And how should they get started using these tools?

This guide was developed in collaboration with communicators from Carlsberg, Arla, GEA Process Engineering and Christian Hansen during 2013 to 2014, and while some of its content has become outdated by now, its core value has been preserved due to its lively examples and strategic guidelines on using social media for employee communication.

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